System Provisioning and Installation

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In our experience there is no one security system that is exactly the same, that’s why at Thinkbox Solutions we take the time to understand your organisation and provide you with a suite of system provisioning and installation services.

We make sure each unique system we design and deliver is going to work for our clients and their businesses.

This is achieved through our exceptional knowledge of products and services, and deciphering the perfect fit for your company.

  • Businesses with existing Security: We arrange to investigate and walk around the site to get a feel for the current system setup
  • We meet with key stakeholders to understand what their requirements and needs for the system
  • System Design, Development and Delivery
  • We work together with other contractors
  • Project Management
  • Ongoing Service and Support
  • Develop and provide operator
  • Complete Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) before deploying equipment to the site

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