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Thinkbox Solutions provides rapid deployment surveillance solutions for multiple applications. We undertake all system design, installation and servicing to ensure the smooth running and efficiency of your security solution. Rapid deployment solutions are specifically designed for the protection what is important to your business. The widespread usage of these systems was born from the growing crisis of theft and public safety in the community.

Thinkbox Solutions works with the latest technologies in order to provide you with the finest in rapid deployment solutions.

We understand the necessity of quick assembly and uncomplicated installation of a rapid deployment system so set up of our systems require only single engineer installation, taking only a very short time. Our systems don’t require any services such as power and allow for live access to the system.

Some key features of the Thinkbox Solutions rapid deployment system are:

  • Outstanding resolution HDTV-quality video, enabling surveillance of a large area to effectively target anti-social behaviour and provide complete coverage of trouble spots
  • Onboard storage to deliver a more robust, reliable and flexible surveillance system
  • Optimised for 4G
  • Ease of installation, no need for supporting infrastructure
  • Evidential quality recording with time, date stamp and watermark
  • Designed specifically and optimised to transmit video via cellular networks
  • Continuous product development

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