IP Video Surveillance

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Video Surveillance is an integral part of modern security systems, found in premises ranging from retail stores to airports, schools to corporate buildings. It proves a great deterrent to malicious behaviour and an excellent tool in solving the mystery of past misdemeanours.

IP Video surveillance systems generally involve a number of devices – IP Cameras, servers, and VMS (Video Management Systems) – and involve multicast technology to deliver video streams to every intended recipient.

In this digital world, security has also embraced the advantages of instant access to images stored and retrieved on computers, Thinkbox Solutions offers a diverse portfolio of products, and a suite of features, that can enhance the ability to securely and reliably transport security video ‘footage’ across an IP network.

Examples of some of the solutions we can provide are:

  • Cloud connected cameras
  • Hybrid Analogue/IP camera systems
  • Thermal cameras
  • ATM and Covert cameras

When you are looking to protect your business or your property, in terms of Loss Prevention, Safety & Security, Quality Control, and/or Vandalism, we can help you design the right system to meet your needs or your budget.

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