Intruder Alarm Systems

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Thinkbox Solutions offers a wide range of intruder alarm systems for all types of businesses. Our Business alarm systems help protect you, your employees and your assets against theft, fire and other types of property damage. Our alarm systems can also be set up to keep unauthorised people or personnel from accessing secure areas of your business.

This function can also be used to keep track of personnel who enter your business out of business hours such as cleaners. And with optional 24 hours a day monitoring you and your employees can now enjoy ultimate peace of mind with 24/7 protection.

Intruder alarm systems comprise of a number of different components with a list of examples below:

  • Keypad – User Interaction
  • Intrusion Panel – Controls and communicates with each component
  • Glass Break – Glass break sensors listen for the specific noise of breaking glass
  • Motion Detector – These components create an invisible grid to monitor and detect movement
  • Reed Switch – Magnetic door contacts detect the opening and closing of doors and windows
  • Smoke Detector – Device that senses smoke, typically as an indicator of fire
  • Duress Button – Assist in alerting in emergency situations where a threat to persons or property exists
  • Strobes and Sirens – Visual deterrent for potential intruders and audible and visual alert to an intrusion

At Thinkbox Solutions we have a thorough understanding of what your business requires when it comes to intrusion alarm systems, let us help you design and install a solution that can protect your business and staff.

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