Cyber Security

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Thinkbox Solutions offers a full suite of cyber-security services, ranging from audit and vulnerability assessment to the implementation of complete cyber-security solutions.

We understand the performance and availability demands of Mission-critical and Business-critical networks. We also understand the evolving nature of cyber-security challenges and the ever-changing risks these pose to our enterprise and government customers.

Thinkbox Solutions is able to bring together its deep knowledge of communications networks, with specialised Cyber-security expertise, to deliver effective cyber-security services and solutions.

Audit and Assessment

Thinkbox Solutions’ cyber-security professionals conduct security and compliance audits in order to understand the customer’s compliance posture. Our reviews are aligned with international standards and provide an overall risk assessment, with a risk mitigation plan. We also conduct technology audits, where specific network equipment is assessed for its security capability.

Vulnerability Management

Thinkbox Solutions uses its threat intelligence and real-time monitoring tools to minimise the ‘time to identify’ and ‘time to react’.

Network Security

We use a range of technology partners to deliver our security solutions. In addition to security architecture development and solution design & deployment, we conduct extensive training, including disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

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