Body Warn Cameras

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A growing number of organisations are implementing body worn cameras based on the proven effects that have been seen in reduction of violent confrontations and complaints against the personnel. Body worn cameras provide organisations with better evidence documentation, increased accountability and transparency.

Body Worn Cameras operate on rechargeable battery power for up to twelve hours of continuous buffering and records up to ten hours of continuous video and audio media. The user can view recordings and add metadata from monitors, computers, and smart phones by downloading a specific software application.

The Thinkbox Solution team have researched and tested a number of body worn cameras in the market and as a result know what works for our customers.

Some features that we look for in a good body worn camera

  • Video resolution
  • Field of view
  • Recording duration
  • Removable storage
  • Infra-red

  • Battery life

  • VMS integration
  • 4G capable
  • Wifi capable
  • In-built GPS

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