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ALPR stands for Automatic License Plate Recognition. ALPR systems automate license plate reading and identification, making it easier for businesses, law enforcement, councils and government organisations to provide access secure locations, locate vehicles of interest and enforce parking restrictions.

ALPR systems are available in mobile or fixed solutions making it easy to deploy and start reading licenses plate quickly.

Some examples of how an automatic license plate recognition system can help your business are:

  • Automatically opening gates/ doors for authorised vehicles
  • Traffic monitoring and recognition
  • Car Park usage monitoring
  • Vehicles of interest

Thinkbox Solutions has chosen the AutoVu product from Genetec for our ALPR system, because of its heighten accuracy and increased efficiency.

Genetec AutoVu

In addition to it’s efficiency and accuracy AutoVu ability to augment the text with context images, time stamps, and GPS coordinates and can include wheel images for strict time-limited parking enforcement. By providing this contextual data, the AutoVu system helps resolve investigations faster and reduces disputes.

Genetec’s AutoVu™ analyses vehicles’ behaviour and characteristics, allowing users to reduce response time by automatically identifying vehicles behaving suspiciously and enabling the definition of more secure and precise access rules. AutoVu’s advanced vehicle analytics also shines a new light on the normal behaviour and composition of vehicles on users’ premises.

AutoVu provides data on a vehicle’s speed, direction of travel, make and the state, province or country of origin of its license plate.

Unification for Greater Situational Awareness

Manage your ALPR needs from a single unified security platform so you can seamlessly link ALPR reads to video and access control events. You can then use ALPR events to trigger actions and alarms across your entire security system. The Security Center platform allows you to investigate events across systems and provides unparalleled reporting capabilities.

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